Heather Polk Q&A

Heather Polk Q&A

Q: I was born in

A: Akron, Ohio.


Q: My earliest art memory is… 

A: coloring at home and at school. I remember wanting to color in the lines and perfect my shading and blending as a child. I also remember comparing and contrasting my style with others, but being comfortable with my creative voice and talent while appreciating others.


Q: I first realized I wanted to be an artist when…  

A: I believed in my ability to do so. I always perceived my siblings as artists and myself as a “creative soul” but I have shed that mindset and have been referring to myself as an “artist” for a while now.


Q: My mentors are/were…. 

A: I don’t have any formal art mentors, yet. My business mentors are very supportive of my art practice and very encouraging.


Q: I feel most inspired to create when…. 

A: I am inspired to create everyday and I usually do make something everyday. Color and texture are usually BIG triggers for me. I always go with my first instinct and what I’m immediately drawn towards. I have learned to pack supplies when I travel and that enables me to make smaller sized works on the road. My studio is in my home and I find it easy to create most days after work and on the weekends. Creating for the most part doesn’t feel like work, it’s truly a place of refuge and relaxation for me.


Q: When I feel stuck creatively, I… 

A: always do something abstract. Doing something abstract allows me to loosen up and let things come to me. Playing and experimenting also help when I feel stuck.


Q: My favorite artists to follow are… 

A: they are all my favorites…collage artists, abstract artists, painters, too many to name.


Q: I can’t start my day without… 

A: praying and meditating.


Q: My most prized art possession is… 

A: the first collage I made. It’s a sentimental piece and it was a tremendous spark in my collage practice. 



Q: Finish this sentence: 

A: Art is…a healer, a helper, and an inspiration.

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